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General Rules

      1. Be respectful to all other players.
      1. Use common sense. If you are confused about a rule, please ask a staff member or use your best discretion.
      1. Do not discriminate, harass, or direct unnecessarily foul language towards any other players.
      1. Do not impersonate any other player.
      1. Any threats or intent to harm other players, or the server itself, will result in a Ban.
      1. Avoiding punishment by a staff member, through any means, is forbidden.
      1. Do not use cheats or exploits.
      1. Do not advertise for other communities.
      1. Only report players for valid reasons.
      1. Do not waste a staff member's time.
      1. Do not interrupt admin sits.
      1. When making a ticket, please specify the reason.
  1. Server Policies
      1. If you share a Steam or Garry’s Mod account, you accept the possibility that your account may be Banned even if the person who broke the rules was not yourself.
      1. Your RP Name must be at least three standard english characters in a row, and may not be similar to any other player’s name.
      1. Staff members reserve the right to use their best judgement when dealing with infractions not mentioned in the MOTD. Do not question their authority.
      1. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If you need help with a rule breaker, contact a staff member, don’t try to take the matter into your own hands.
      1. Staff members are not required to take tickets or be on duty at all times, they have the right to roleplay as they see fit
  2. Social Rules
      1. The repeated use of racial, homophobic, or sexist slurs in-game will result in a reprimand.
      1. Do not spam voice or text chat. Do not use OOC, Admin Chat, or the ticket system for reasons other than their intended uses.
      1. Anything annoying or unnecessary is considered micspam
      1. Multi-adverts, like "Hit Accepted / Hit Complete / Raid / Raid Assist / Pepe / RTX 3080 / Raid Over," are not allowed.
      1. Adverts must clearly show what action the player intends to do, and cannot be hidden, or disguised to look like normal chat.
      1. Do not play any sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate content on television or radio entities, or in the theater.

Gameplay Rules

  • Basic gameplay rules:

        1. Do not roleplay in spawn.
        1. You may not spam-knock on doors.
        1. Do not camera spam.
      1. Random Deathmatch (RDM)
        1. Players directly harming your life, property, or freedom may be killed without warning.
        1. Raids and hits can be completed by killing without warning (provided Raid and Hit Accepted have been averted appropriately).
        1. In all other cases, before killing a player you must perform three warning adverts (Warn 1, Warn 2, Warn 3), and make it clear to the player in question why you are warning them. You may only warn players if you have real in-character reason for doing so.
        1. If a player is warning you, you do not have the right to kill them unless they actually shoot at you.
        1. Randomly shooting at or near other people or their base may be considered RDM.
        1. Kill On Sight (KOS) signs may allow the killing of players for being past a certain point.
        1. Players may only be killed for actively violating a KOS sign; so, if a player crosses a KOS line but leaves the area quickly thereafter, for example, they may not be subsequently killed by the owner of that KOS line.
        1. Players may not be killed for "loitering" or standing still.
      1. Metagame & New Life Rule (NLR):
        1. Characters must have a real and valid in-character reason behind their actions.
        1. New Life Rule applies when someone is killed during a raid: players must wait until that raid is completed (when the raiders advert Raid Over) to return to the site of their death.
        1. New Life Rule also dictates that no player may return to the site of their death for at least 180 seconds after respawning.
        1. Players may not scam one another out of money or goods.


          1. Do not climb on props, entities, or other player-spawned objects to access a base or area.
          1. Do not spawn props intentionally too quickly.
          1. Never spawn props inside of other players' bases without permission.
          1. Do not spawn props or entities within police department jail cells.
          1. Abnormally large bases, obscene objects, or structures which block the road will be removed.
          1. While building, players should put a Building sign in a visible area outside of their base. Any base with a Building sign may contain no entities and RP is not permitted in the base.

        1. You may KOS anyone that is inside your base while building with a building sign.
          1. Do not build on the streets or sidewalks unless their job allows it.
          1. Kos and Building signs must be easily visible with a minimum text size of 40 points
          1. A player must be able to enter and exit all parts of your base using a lockpick and keypad cracker.
          1. Props that inhibit normal movement are not allowed for defence (ie slippery props or incredibly tight spaces)
          1. No base may give defenders unfair advantages in a raid (Headshot or Footshot cracks are illegal, as are Blackout Bases) NO KILLS BOXES!
          1. Bases may have no more than THREE Fading Doors total.
          1. Each fading door must have two visible keypads connected to it (One on each side of the door)
          1. All keypads must be easily visible, accessible, and connected to a working Fading Door.
          1. Keypads must open their respective doors for at least four seconds with no activation delay.
          1. Bases cannot force players to crouch or jump in order to reach any part of a base.
          1. You may shoot through windows and doors that are part of the map, but not walls.
          1. To Megabase, seek the approval of a staff member.
            1. Megabases Megabases must follow all normal building rules (they may have three Fading Doors and three fading windows per building, plus two Fading Windows and two fading doors at the entrance of the megabase, as opposed to the usual three total).
            1. Players may build on the streets and roads within a Megabase.
            1. All Megabase occupants must share a party.
            1. You need at least five players to Megabase and only up to ten people may live together in a single Megabase.
            1. The rooms inside the hotel and the apartment complex in suburbs are considered separate bases. You may Megabase in them, all of the typicalMegabase rules apply
            1. Each building within any given Megabase must be owned by a different player.
            1. You may not Megabase in Suburbs.
            2. In buildings with more than one living area, each individual room is considered a separate base.
            3. Y

        Roleplay Relation

          1. You are free to protect players that you have RP Relation with (the first rule of RDM extends to these people, so you may defend them from Attacks).
          1. You are free to assist players that you have RP Relation with in raids or muggings, but must always advert Assist beforehand. Players with RP Relation may not refuse valid offers of assistance.
          1. Players must be in the same Party to base together.
          1. You may not shoot through one-way props. ( You can use a button with a fading door)

    Attack Rules

    • Raids

          1. Players must wait five minutes between raids.
          1. Players may not raid the same base more than once every ten minutes.
          1. You cannot raid a building that is currently in the process of being raided by another player. You may kill other players raiding bases by doing /advert counter.
          1. Players who own or co-own the front door of a base may defend said base from a raid and are not required to advert. If players have RP Relation with the owner and would like to protect the base, they must advert counter.
          1. Players must advert Raid before raiding!
            1. Assisting raiders must advert Raid Assist.
            1. Only players with RP Relation may assist one another in raids.
          1. You may not build during a raid.
          1. The defender cannot lock any door nor close any garage door during a raid's duration
          1. If you’re raiding a base, anyone inside can be killed immediately.
          1. If you leave the area mid raid, the raid is considered over and you cannot continue the raid
          1. Once you’ve successfully completed your raid by either stealing or destroying all the entities in the base, you must advert Raid Over. You cannot occupy players’ bases for more than up to ten minutes.
        1. PD Raids
          1. The front door of the police department must remain unlocked at all times.
          1. To raid the police department, players must advert PD Raid.
          1. Criminals must work together when raiding the PD,, they cannot fight against each other during the raid
          1. Players inside the PD who are not assisting in the PD Raid are KOS
          1. In raid against the police department, all normal rules still apply, including NLR.
          1. Only Civil Protectors and the Mayor can defend from a PD Raid. Players must work together to raid the police department.
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            1. Muggings

              Players must wait five minutes between muggings.
                        1. Players may not mug the same person more than once every ten minutes.'
                        1. Players must advert Mug and include a price before mugging!
                        1. Only one person can mug any one player at a time.
                        1. Players can always defend themselves against muggings.
                        1. Mugging amounts cannot exceed $100,000.
                        1. When mugging, give the player at least ten seconds to comply before killing them.
                        1. If the player you’re mugging runs, you have the right to kill them.
                        1. You can not mug a player if they are holding a gun.
                      1. Kidnappings
                        1. Players must wait five minutes between kidnappings.
                        1. Players may not kidnap the same person more than once every ten minutes.
                        1. Players must advert Kidnap before kidnapping!
                        1. Players can always defend themselves against kidnappings.
                        1. In kidnappings, hostages may be held for a maximum of ten minutes.
                        1. Kidnappers are not required to accept ransom payments.
                        1. Kidnap ransom cannot exceed $1,000,000.
                        1. If a hostage escapes, they must exit their captor's base as quickly as possible.
                          1. If someone tries to free a hostage, the kidnapper may defend their prisoner.


                          Before a player takes anything from another player without their permission, they must advert Steal or Theft (unless if rading).

                          1. Weapon Checks

                          Police are free to check for weapons on a detained subject.

                          Police may weapon-check a person if there is a lawful reason for doing so.

                          Weapon checking without consent is considered a form of attack and you can defend against it.

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        1. Job Rules
          1. General Rules
            1. By default, most classes may have guns, bases, and entities by default, regardless of their in-game legality.
            1. All classes have certain roles to fulfill and proper ways to act.
            1. From this point onward, raids, muggings, kidnappings, and other aggressive, hostile acts are referred to as Hostile actions or "Attacks" within these rules.
          1. Demotion Rules
            1. Only people who fail to satisfy the objectives of a certain job should be demoted.
            1. If a staff member is online, do not Vote Demote for server rule violations, only for in-character reasons.
          1. Citizens
            1. Citizens may not perform hostile actions against any other player, only defend themselves.
            1. Citizens may never defend anyone outside their Party.
            1. Citizens may only Party with other Citizens.
          1. President
            1. The President may place hits.
            1. The President can be demoted for RP reasons. If the mayor is not acting in the people's best interest, he can be demoted.
            1. The President cannot set laws that allow for server rule violations or hinder roleplay.
            1. Presidents may only impose lockdowns for a maximum of ten minutes at a time (with a ten minute break between lockdowns).
            1. The President must broadcast a reason for initiating a lockdown.
            1. The first four laws on the law board cannot be overruled.
            1. The President can only make laws affecting all players. Not specific players or groups.
            1. The President should not engage in dangerous situations, unless it is in self defense
            1. The President may accept up to $100,000 as bail money to release prisoners.
            1. The President can charge at most $10,000 for a gun license
            1. You must have a valid reason based on an ongoing event to initiate a lockdown. For example, a pd raid, mass crime spree. Once the threat has passed, you must end the lockdown.
          1. Law Enforcement
          1. Seized entities must be destroyed.
        1. During lockdowns, all players (excluding Hobos) found outdoors are AOS.

        2. Only warrant, want, arrest, or taze players if they are violating in-game laws.

        3. Do not arrest players for defending themselves. Players may fight back against aggressors without fear of arrest.

        4. Civil Protectors may arrest anyone found past the second door of the PD.

        5. Do not build checkpoints of any type.

        6. Do not intentionally allow or assist rule breaking.

        7. If there is no Mayor online, police may only enforce the first four rules on the law board.

        8. Only warrant, want, arrest, or taze players if they are violating in-game.

      1. Thieves

        1. Thieves may perform hostile actions against other players.

        2. Thieves may only Party with other criminals.

        3. Thieves may raid, mug, and kidnap.

      2. Merchants/Dealers

        1. Merchants may not Attack any other player, only defend themselves.

        2. Merchants may only build shops, not private bases.

        3. They must sell their wares to any interested player; they may not refuse service to anyone.

        4. Merchants may only Party with other Merchants and Guards.

        5. Merchants may buy goods for themselves.

      3. Hitmen

        1. Hitmen may never Attack another player without a hit given by another player.

        2. Hitmen may raid or assist in a raid if their target is the owner of the base being raided.

        3. Law enforcement may not place any hits. (unless if president)

        4. Players may not place hits on themselves.

      4. Meth Cooks

        1. Meth Cooks may not Attack any other player, only defend themselves.

        2. Meth Cooks may only Party with other criminals

      5. Guards

        1. Guards may not perform hostile actions against other players.

        2. Guards may only defend themselves and their employer.Guards may be hired by any job to protect their base and assets.

        3. Guards may only Party with Merchants and Medics.

      6. Medics

        1. Medics may not Attack any other player, only defend themselves.

        2. Medics may not refuse to treat any other player, but they may charge up to $10,000 for a full heal.

        3. Medics may only Party with other Medics and Guards.

      7. Hobos

        1. Hobos may not own any doors.

        2. Hobos may be killed if they receive 3 valid consecutive warnings, or are interfering with a raid.

        3. Hobos may build outdoors, but they may not build indoors.

        4. Excluding the ones with which they spawn, Hobos may have no weapons.

        5. Hobos' bases may not contain any Fading Doors.

        1. Rapists

          1. Rapists must advert "rape" in chat before using rape swep.
          2. Rape cooldown is 5 minutes.

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